HOW TO Apply For DHA Multan Plot On Installments


*IMPORTANT GUIDELINES * to apply correctly for DHA Multan installments files through balloting.

Form were already shared today morning by me in all Lahore Real Estate WhatsApp groups. Forms will also to be available on our website www.LahoreRealEstate.Com or DHA Multan official website on Monday for download and if you want are available now via WhatsApp from +923224929992 or +16308024186

A) The official relevant information with full details to apply for DHA Multan will be available in Dunya News paper on 5th March 17 (May or may not appear in Jang due to army boycott). So don’t fill application forms till you read details in newspapers in this Sunday newspapers.

B) You can apply for unlimited number of plots *TILL 31st March 2017 last day of applications unless date extended* in any category but one application on each application form allowed. *TRY* to apply one plot in each separate category instead of multiple applications on one CNIC starting with smallest budgets first. If want to apply more applications do try to find more trusted persons that are over 18 years old and have Pakistan CNIC Nicop or Pakistan Origin cards. Apply in small budget first as more plots reserved im small sizes and more likely woll be in demand or own percentage wise on 10% first deposit. Apply 5 Marla residential and 4 marla commercial 1st before other choices. Lahore Real Estate is seeing even very serious people ready to put in applications for 3 lacs or 5 Lacs or even 10 lacs in few cases just for non refundable application filing fees ??. People are talking about 100 or 200 applications. Mostly dealers other than me are going to apply in huge numbers ??.

C) While applying for plots, please keep in mind that you have the funds available in backup to atleast pay the down payment within 30 days of the successful ballet results announced. Ballet to select installments files winners to hold in 60 days max InshaAllah. Even if don’t have 10% initial deposit fund if lucky im ballot you can still sell slips and buyer party will pay membership fees for you. You can sell slip and buyer pays everything for you ??

D) In case you are successful and you have paid the 10% down payment further first installment will be due after about 3 to 4 months from day of the down payment made . Once 10% deposit paid very less likely plot will be cancelled due to late payments of installments. DHA will fine but rarely Dha cancel plots.

E) At this stage after deposit of initial funds you will have the opportunity to sell off your allocated allocations at following expected minimum OWN during the above three to four months time and there after.

F) Based on the past ballots history i can safely predict these possible minimum owns.

5 Marla (Residential ) 4 to 5 lacs
8 marla (Residential ) 3 to 5 lacs
10 marla (Residential ) 4 to 7 lacs
1 kanal (Residential ) 8 to 15 lacs
2 Kanal ( Residential ) 10 to 12 lacs
4 Marla (commercial ) 25 to 38 lacs in
8 Marla (Commercial ) 25 to 30 lacs.

Male sure application form have your original signature or thumb print of uneducated like me ??

*What category to apply* ?
Most plots will be available in general public category. Till today each category number of plots or total available plots numbers are not available and not likely to be available ??. Also not sure if installments plots will be in DHA Multan phase 1 or phase 1 extension or DHA Multan phase 2. Hopefully Dha will mention these in newspapers ads. In past ballots I have seen other categories have very few plots. For example senior citizens and disabled people categories in past ballots were there for cosmetic use mostly as very few plots issued. Retired army officers should prefer their category. Overseas category will have good chances too as we are people with money and DHA knows we will pay installments on time till end ??. Generally my suggestion apply in general public category 1st if my points easily understood by you.

For expatriate brothers and sisters best way to apply is to download applications fill and sign. Use Nicop number and foreign address. Use exit entry papers copy papers if available from passport. Attach them and send application to Pakistan to a relative or friend or Lahore Real Estate to deposit money on your behalf in local banks preferably Askari banks. All allowed banks in all cities og Pakistan will accept funds for applications.

DHA Multan plots will be booked directly. Lahore Real Estate cant benefit any way if you book these files or not. Information provided to help you in filling applications on proper categories and free of charge. Don’t pay any money or bribe to any one. In DHA,s such things don’t help so don’t get fooled. Please understand do more research on your own. Lahore Real Estate won’t ask you share from hefty gains in this lottery ?? and also not responsible if you lose all money in this betting or after become a winner you don’t see any own etc.

Best wishes from entire Lahore Real Estate team. Each member of our 28 member team is looking forward to assist you personally free of any cost in filing and filling forms. We always try our best to provide you assistance when you need most. Been doing this for 13 years to help our self and all DHAs in past as not enough official staff available to answer your calls or available to help personally.
For any further guidelines or querry please feel free contact us all.

Choudry Mujahid Yasin (CMY)
+923224929992 & +16308024186
*Lahore Real Estate*
MB46 Main Boulevard DHA Lahore Phase 6. Near DHA Lahore new head office.

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