DHA Multan Installments Files Prices Update

DHA Multan Installments Files Prices Update:

*Residential Plots Profit On Booking Prices*

5 Marla Buyers at 5.00 Lacs Seller Demands at 5.50 Lacs
(Booking Price 20 Lacs in 3 years installments)

8 Marla Buyer at 5.75 Lacs Seller Demands at 6.25 Lacs (Booking Price 30 Lacs in 3 years instalments)

10 Marla Buyer at 6.75 Lacs Seller Demands at 7.25 Lacs (Booking price 35 Lacs in instalments)

1 Kanal Buyer at 6 Lacs Seller Demands at 6.50 Lacs (Booking price 68 Lacs in 3 years installment)

2 Kanal Buyer at 12.00 Lacs Seller Demands at 13Lacs ( Booking price 130 Lacs in 3 years in instalments)

*Commercial Plots Profit On Booking Prices*:

4 Marla Buyers at 24.00 Lacs Sellers Demands at 27 Lacs ( Booking price 175 Lacs in 3 years installment)

8 Marla Buyers at 22 Lacs Sellers Demands at 24 Lacs ( Booking price 350 lacs in 3 years in installment)

*** Sellers must pay own membership fee (Rs.64160 ) and any seller taxes when or if imposed. All seller are must required to travel to DHA Multan for transfers and pays his own travel expenses***

Land Files:
1 Kanal Allocation File At 48.65 Lacs
1 Kanal Affidavte File At 50.25 Lacs
10 Marla Affidavte File At 34.15 Lacs

For Best Buying/Selling Experience In DHA Multan At Lahore Real Estate Land Or Installments Files Please Contact our Most Experience Representative:

Mian Fawad Ahmad
Cell: +923024489001

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