LRE-Rates update: NEW TOWN Housing Society Gwadar
Approximate rates by Saleem Bodla at Lahore Real Estate for LREIANS

Residential Plots: New Town
Price update September 2017.

1 Kanal
(500 Yards)
Phase-1) 55 to 65 Lacs
Phase-1) Boulevards 75 to 125 Lacs
Phase-2) 40 to 60 Lacs
Phase-2) Boulevards 55 to 70 Lacs
Phase-3) 50 to 65 Lacs
Phase-3) Boulevards 75 to 105 Lacs
Phase-4) 30 to 40 Lacs
Phase-4) Boulevards 60 to 75 Lacs


2 Kanal
(1000 Yards)
Phase-1) 70 to 120 Lacs
Phase-1) Boulevards 90 to 170 Lacs
Phase-2) 65 to 85 Lacs
Phase-2) Boulevards 80 Lacs to 150 Lacs
Phase-3) 70 to 95 Lacs
Phase-3) Boulevards 90 to 160 Lacs
Phase-4) 45 to 68 Lacs
Phase-4) Boulevards 70 to 90 Lacs


These’re approximate rates to keep LRE’s clients and fellows informed. Rates can vary time to time, person to person, plots to plots or as per different circumstances. Furthermore avoid Phase 4 Plots across Sarawan Avenue toward Marine Drive

Market rates can be different or same. Suggestions can help us more to keep Gwadar Real Estate at the top. Gwadar Real Estate Let’s grow together.

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