Lahore Real Estate Latest News Update (4 OCTOBER 2017)


China, Pakistan to spend $3.3 billion on 3 new roads for economic corridor
Three motorways projects worth $3.3 billion added to CPEC
Four mega road projects together worth more than $3.3 bn have been added to the vast suite of infrastructure schemes coming under the $62 billion CPEC. Detailed design for the roads will be completed by November; land acquisition has already begun
A $200m, 290km road will link two of Pakistan’s main east-west highways: the N40 at Nok Kundi and Panjgur on the N-85
200 km from Mirpur, through Muzaffarabad to Mansehra, improving communication through the mountains north of Islamabad. This is the most expensive of the projects, with an estimated cost of $ 2.5 billion.
354km, $430m road in the north will connect Gilgit to Chitral

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