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Answers to DHA City Lahore FAQ

Dha City Lahore

Dha City Lahore is a high risk high reward investment. Risk is getting refunded for original paid amount to DHA even after years of holding or paying higher amounts today to buy it at higher thqn booked prices. For example l 5 marla DHA City Lahore was booked at 9.9 lacs many years ago but file today is at 12.75 lacs. So risk is there to lose extra amount above booking prices. High reward is getting 200% plus return for holding full next 5 years with a great chance to get a plot on excellent location near Thokar Niaz beg on back of Parkview Villas Multan road project or even possibly in DHA 9 extension area. In such low price people have no other option with DHA Lahore name attached to it.

If you own DHA City Lahore now and plan to hold less that 5 years in future than sell it now asap. Not worth waiting. Not much may change in 1 to 2 years. It’s going to take time to sort all troubles here.

If already deal pending and no transfers yet I suggest to get money back and wait for transfer to open first.

DHA City transfer office staff Data

If plan to buy don’t buy until transfers are opened once again inside DHA Lahore head office in phase 6. Earlier we were told ban is temporary due to DHA City transfer office staff data and files records moving and transfers were expected to be opened in days. Now I am getting information from high level reliable sources there is temporary ban from GHQ on transfers that could be opened in 2 weeks or 2 years depending on outcome of court ruling so we are not certain when transfer will be allowed again.

Lahore Real Estate Not Engage with DHA City Lahore

Lahore Real Estate will not engage in any more in any deals in DHA City Lahore until actual DHA Lahore office transfer is possible. We don’t wanna have any deals locked with pending transfers just on stamp papers affidavits etc and keep hanging on air for unknown time. This is risky business. We love to deal in straight forward deals and hate to deal in any risky deals even in DHA where we don’t know when transfer will be held or be possible .

Even if buyers will have to pay much higher amounts for files buying after transfer will be allowed again it will be well worth waiting due to above reasons risks I explained. No need to get into any headaches. Lot of dealers may still be dealing in DHA City Lahore without transfer but its against Lahore Real Estate principles to engage in such unsafe practice for us and our very trusting hard working clients.


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